VR Toila 1938 en


New and exciting virtual reality experience from Toila Oru Palace in July 1938.

The mild summer breeze strokes the leaves of young linden trees and gently, almost barely, swings the petals of the flowers blooming in the rosary. The fragrance of flowering roses impresses walkers in the garden, and there, on the edge of the bank overlooking the sea, stands a magnificent pink-white building. It’s July 1938. No one is yet asking: “But where was it?”.

In May 2020, we will open the next time hole that will take travelers to Toila, to the Presidential Palace in Oru Park.

Pre-booking for individual visitors, groups and educational programs with opening prices starts soon!  

Opening of the new time hole has been postponed due to an emergency situation in Estonia due to the COVID-19 virus!

Ticket 8 €
Discount ticket (children 7 – 18 years) 6 €
Family ticket (1 grown-up and 1 child)* 12 €
Family ticket (2 grown-ups and 2 children)* 24 €
*Each subsequent child 5 €
Group ticket (from 10 persons) 7 € per person
Educational program “Me in the past” 7 € per student

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