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VR Tallinn 1939/44

New attraction – Time Portal “VR Tallinn 1939/44”
In virtual reality, one of Tallinn’s most prestigious business streets – Harju Street, which was almost destroyed during the March Bombing in 1944, comes to life. Come and experience the touch of time with VR glasses. Wander the bustling street of 1939, where famous businesses and hotels of the Estonian capital operated or experience the great destruction of World War II in Tallinn.

The past comes alive spatially, colourfully, and where the buildings once stood. Virtual time travel interacts with your different senses, and you will never see the world as you did before.

One street, two journeys, three eras!

Grand Opening June 2, 2023


Audio guide in Estonian, Russian, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, and German.
Duration ~40 min.



The project is funded as part of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

VR Toila 1938

The mild summer breeze strokes the leaves of young linden trees and gently, almost barely, moves the petals of the flowers blooming in the rosary. The smell of flowering roses enchants walkers in the garden, and there, on the edge of the bank overlooking the sea, stands a magnificent pink-white building. No one yet asks, “But where was the palace?”.

Time Portal “VR Toila 1938” offers 2 virtual tours to discover:

  • Part I “VR Toila 1938” takes you on an introductory journey through history of Oru Park. It is early in the morning and you begin your journey, learning the stories of the construction and renovation of the Oru Palace. You’ll enjoy a time-laps sunrise and peek into the large dining hall. You journey will end by watching the sunset in the palace tower.
  • Part II “In the Footsteps of Lost Glory” brings to life the large hall of the palace with its extremely rich decor. In front of you are the views of the great hall of the summer residence of the Head of State, which is illustrated by massive chandeliers with blue-purple crystals and the ceiling mural of the artist Vladimir Makovsky.

Come and experience the exciting opportunity to travel in the historic Toila-Oru Park!
Starting point in Oru Park at full hours. We recommend booking!


Audio guide in Estonian, Russian, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish and German. Duration: ~40 min.



Virtuaalreaalse 1938. aasta Oru lossi ja pargi loomist uue atraktiivse teenuse osutamiseks Toilas on toetatud Kirderanniku Koostöökogu LEADER projektitoetuse meetmest “Ettevõtluse arendamine ja kompetentsi tõstmine”. Projekti eesmärk on pakkuda külastajatele VR prillide kaudu elava ajaloo kogemust ning võimalust võrrelda vahetult kunagist pargikeskkonda tänasega. Lahendus aitab kinnistada Toila olulisust Eesti ühe tähenduslikuma mälupaigana ning tuua esile Toila ja laiemalt Ida-Virumaa tulevikku suunatud vaadet, koos innovaatilise mõtlemise ning kaasaegsetele lahendustele orienteeritusega.

VR Tartu 1913

It`s August 1913 and it is hot and dry. Sleepy streets are dusty, yearning for rain. In the sun shines the city symbol – the Stone Bridge and beside it , the barges swirl quietly in the streams of the river Emajõgi.

On the banks of the Emajõgi River you will find the Bellevue Hotel, the first Estonian cinema, cinema “Illusion”, the Hugo Treffner Private Gymnasium and one of the city`s most magnificent Art Nouveau buildings, the Hotel Jakor.
The university town is slowly recovering from the lull of summer.

Come and travel in the historic Tartu as it was 100 years ago!
Starting point at the bridge Kaarsild.

Audio guide in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Latvian, French and German. Duration: ~40 min.



Educational programs

Educational programs based on virtual reality offer an educational and experiential view back at the past. What makes the program unique is an innovative approach that introduces forgotten buildings and objects where they once stood. During the educational programs “Me in the Past” and “Me at the Oru Palace” students experience the changes that have taken place in urban space by traveling between different points of view and the experience gained directly compared to today’s environment.

The program includes VR-glasses, a worksheet and an instructor. Educational programs are in the form of outdoor learning.

The programs are suitable for all school levels.

Let’s make history come alive!

Duration: ~60 min.

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Why visit our time holes?

You feel precence

It is spatial

It is colorful

  • We recreate worlds that no longer exist.
  • You`ll experience the touch of time with VR-glasses in exactly the same places as you stand.
  • The past we have revived is a world of space, sounds and colors, that plays with your different senses.
  • We care. VR-glasses are cleaned after each user.
  • Take care of yourself too and buy a ticket here contactlessly or pay on the spot with a bank card.

Visitor feedback

Esimesed ajarändurid

Kristiin Roosmäe

"I highly recommend going and admiring Tartu in 1913! Very cool thing!"

Õpilased ajarännaku „VR Tartu 1913“ haridusprogrammis uudistamas muutusi Raatuse tänaval

Aleksandra Sooniste

Teacher of Tartu Katoliku Hariduskeskus

"Visuals of Tartu hundred years ago were sent by information that explained the situation at that time and offered original historical information that cannot be found in ordinary textbooks and fiction. The students had a very intense, exciting and authentic historical experience and immediately began to think about what needs to be done to create such a virtual reality: to study the archival material, to recreate the historical environment and to model it in 3D."

Airi Hanikat

"Super experience, I and my father really liked it."

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