Our passion is to visualize history. We have created award-winning exhibitions, written books for our partners, and from 2019, our team recreates worlds that no longer exist with the help of modern technology. We make the impossible possible and bring the past to life. You can read about past times from the books, look at old photos and movies or listen to stories, but have you ever got a chance to step inside the history? We in BLUERAY know how to experience history as if on your own skin. We offer virtual time travels as a service and we do custom solutions for others.

As a University of Tartu spin-off company, BLUERAY values learning and we are the best visualizers of authentic history in Estonia. Together with the University of Tartu we devote ourselves to develop different multimedia solutions and user experiences in the cultural heritage and tourism sector. We have participated in several studies and offered students challenges in group work and internships.

Our clients are tourism companies, museums, local governments, non-profit associations and sectoral development organizations, with whom we cooperate in the following areas:

  • Creative management (incl. concept and content creation)
  • 3D and multimedia solutions
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Project management of exhibitions and development projects
  • Consulting on development projects
  • Preparation of development and marketing plans
  • Increasing visibility and attractiveness
  • Trainings on tourism service design, innovation and cultural marketing

Programs and membership

Estonian Virtual and Augmented Reality Association

S2B Launchbad

Ida-Viru Tourism Cluster

Baltic Explorers accelerator BE BIG

Spin-Off Programm of University of Tartu


Major works and awards


  • Time Portal “VR Tallinn 1939/44” – Grand Opening June 2023


  • Palamuse Museum’s AR game “An Adventurous School Journey of Toots”
  • The Exhibition of the Setomaa Museum at Saatse “Everything has boundaries”
  • Audio guide of the Estonian Road Museum and exhibition of road machinery at the machinery exhibition area
  • Peipsimaa Musem “Animation of the Peipus Land”
  • Survey of Tourism Preferences in Virumaa Among Finnish Target Clients
  • 3D models of Põlva road bridge and pedestrian bridge
  • 3D laser scanning and scaling up of Eve Luik’s 80 cm “Viking” sculpture to a 7 m model.
  • Multimedia programs of the Kodavere Heritage Centre


  • Time Portal’s “VR Toila 1938” game “Special guests in Oru Park” 
    The Best New Adventure of Ida-Virumaa for Families 2022
  • Time Portal’s “VR Toila 1938” new virtual tour “In the Footsteps of Lost Glory”
  • 3D animation of the construction history of Tartu Cathedral
  • Audio guide of the Estonian Agricultural Museum
  • Reconstruction of the Kolga manor complex in Virtual Reality
  • Interactive exhibits of the Estonian Open Air Museum’s exhibition “Collective farm’s Apartment Building” and the play and activity area “Little Illimar’s World”
    Estonian Museums Annual Award “Best Permanent Exhibition” 2021 
  • Historical survey of Vanamõisa Bridge
  • Narva Art Gallery’s exhibition “Life or Karma? Stories of Narva” audio guide
  • Historical survey of the Postal road bridges and 3D concept design of Ihamaru bridge






  • The Crazy Scientist
    Nomination of the Estonian Museums Annual Award “Marketing Muse” 2014
  • Museum Shop of University of Tartu Museum
    Nomination of the Estonian Museums Annual Award “Developer of the Year” 2014


  • Estonian Road Museum
    Estonia’s Most Family-Friendly Museum (Magazine Family and Home)



  • Estonian Road Museum`s Exhibition “Tee ajalugu!”
    Nominee for the European Museum of the Year Award 2007
    The Annual Award of the Estonian Museums 2006 “The Best Permanent Exhibition”

Our Team


3D generalist


3D generalist


3D generalist


3D generalist


Lead developer


Graphic designer


Customer experience manager

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Time travel guide in Tallinn

Maybe you?

Time travel guide at Toila

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Our Tech Stack


With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Ida-Viru Tourism Cluster we confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the Government and the Health Board of Estonia (https://kriis.ee/en) established for our industry or field, that we keep up to date with the information, and that we help visitors comply with the infection-prevention guidelines on site.

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