3D Laser Scanning is the process to gather detailed information from your fingertips to large houses and  surrounding environments in a very short time. We are focused on laser scanning in the field of heritage preservation and tourism. Laser scanning makes it possible to quickly, accurately and securely create 3D models of objects in the museum’s collections, to authentically capture architectural objects and heritage landscapes, endangered heritage and the natural environment. It can be used in research, development, exhibitions, audience programs and more. Laser scanning can also be used to supplement the selection of souvenirs with distinctive offerings.

3D laser scanners help to efficiently store all the necessary information (heights, distances, proportions, etc.) in three-dimensional models.

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The acquisition of three 3D laser scanners, for scanning objects from small coins to buildings up to 70 m high, has been supported by the LEADER project measure “Development of Entrepreneurship and Raising Competence” of the Kirderanniku Koostöökogu. The aim of the project “Further Development of the Time Hole “VR Toila 1938” and Preparation of XR Solutions for the Area of Kirderanniku Koostöökogu” is to carry out scans of the preserved furniture of Oru Palace, the location of the former rockery of Oru Palace, Toila cliff and Narva-Jõesuu Kuursaal. The achieved efficiency creates an opportunity for new developments of the “VR Toila 1938”, with which we ensure the necessary repeated visits to the attraction and shape Toila to be the best XR heritage object in Estonia.

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