Educational programs based on virtual reality offer an educational and experiential view back at the past. What makes the program unique is an innovative approach that introduces forgotten buildings and objects where they once stood. During the educational programs “Me in the Past” and “Me at the Oru Palace” students experience the changes that have taken place in urban space by traveling between different points of view and the experience gained directly compared to today’s environment.

The program includes VR-glasses, a worksheet and an instructor. Educational programs are in the form of outdoor learning.

The programs are suitable for all school levels.

Let`s make history come alive!

Duration: ~60 min.

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W are closed due to the high prevalence of the COVID-19 virus. We hope that the situation will improve soon and that we will be able to take you on a time travel in June. In the meantime, we invite you to an adventure through our blog. Stay safe!

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