The world is full of stories of magnificent castles and golden cities that are now gone forever. You can read about world wonders and ground-breaking events in books or watch movies, but can you really be present in history?

Now you can travel 200 million years back in time without even getting up from your couch. Just put on your VR-glasses and let us fly you from dinosaurs to Toila in 1938.

On the way you will pass by Dubai (~200 million years ago), Giza Pyramid (Egypt ~4500 years ago), Colosseum Amphitheater (Rome ~1800 years ago), Kukulkan Pyramid (Mexico ~1000 years ago) and Fort de Vaux battlefield (WWI in France 106 years ago) and you reach Oru Park in Toila (Estonia 84 years ago).

But if you want a really active weekend, step outside and head to Ida-Virumaa, Toila Oru park and experience the impact of time on the environment firsthand.


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